BikeBitz 30 day return policy

30 day return policy

We will accept parts returned for a full refund if parts are proven to be defective or do not meet the description as per the web site listing.

All Returns or Refunds must be processed within 30 DAYS of the initial purchase.

In all cases, you should make contact by TELEPHONE to discuss the part supplied and the process for returning the part to us. TEXT or EMAIL are not acceptable methods to discuss returns or refunds.

Please call 0274 279 084 during normal office hours (8.30AM - 5.00PM Monday to Friday) to discuss a return or refund. If you are buying a part to fit to a bike other than the bike the part is designed for, we do not issue returns or refunds if you find the part will not fit.

By using our website you have had the opportunity to view and ask questions about any part listed, it is your responsibility to ensure you are buying the correct part and or a part suitable for your needs before you purchase.